Since 2012, the non-profit organization WATER FOR WATER (WfW) has been working for a fair and sustainable use of water resources - because drinking water should not be a privilege. With entrepreneurial, social and ecological approaches, WfW aims to have an impact wherever it operates: in Mozambique, in Zambia and in Switzerland.

WfW focuses on equitable and professionally managed water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) in structurally disadvantaged areas and on climate-friendly consumption and effective protection of water as a resource. In all its activities, the transfer of competencies and skills around the management of water as a resource plays a central role. In its activities, WfW consciously addresses problems and opportunities in dealing with water - always with the aim of strengthening local value chains and breaking down dependencies.

Wasser für Wasser

Murbacherstrasse 3
6003 Luzern

+41 41 521 07 68