Der Teegarten = The tea garden - where tea becomes art.

Passionately run by tea expert Luzia Amschwand Grossen. In the tea garden, tea is not only prepared, but literally elevated to an art form.

Luzia Amschwand Grossen is a true master in the field of tea specialties and knows better than anyone how to discover and present the unique aromas and flavors of tea. Her knowledge and passion for tea is second to none, and she has close contacts with tea farmers both near and far.

In addition to an impressive selection of specialty teas, the tea garden also offers everything needed for the perfect tea drinking experience - from handcrafted tea cups to fine tea strainers and pieces of furniture that turn every tea moment into an aesthetic delight.

Luzia Amschwand Grossen attaches particular importance to the art of smoking in order to enchant the senses with wonderful fragrances. Her aim is not only to offer guests in the tea garden excellent tea, but also to create an atmosphere of well-being and relaxation.

Furthermore, we are proud to produce our Honegg herbal tea in close collaboration with regional herbs. This underlines our commitment to supporting the local community and promoting traditional and sustainable practices.

At the tea garden, you can be sure to immerse yourself in the fascinating realm of tea and indulgence, benefiting from Luzia's expertise and commitment to high quality tea products.