Highest quality for connoisseurs and gourmets

The traditional butcher's shop supplies us with a variety of first-class animal products that not only tantalize the palates of connoisseurs and gourmets, but also find a permanent place in our staff meals.

What sets Metzgerei Stalder apart is its consistent decision to slaughter animals exclusively from Nidwalden. This regional connection makes it possible to guarantee the best quality right from the start through direct and long-standing relationships with local producers. Every product that leaves our kitchen is the result of this close cooperation and commitment to excellence.

Another highlight is their own herb garden directly behind the butcher's shop, where the herbs they use come from. These carefully selected herbs not only give their specialties an unmistakable taste, but also underline the demand for pure quality and maximum enjoyment.

Metzgerei Stalder

Metzgerei Stalder

Stanserstrasse 7
6373 Ennetbürgen

+41 41 624 45 55https://www.mein-metzger.ch