Holzen Fleisch - Only the best, naturally.

Within walking distance of our location on the southern slope of the Bürgenstock is the specialty butcher's shop HOLZEN FLEISCH, which shares our commitment to the highest quality and sustainable meat production. The motto "...naturally only the best!" is the essence of what characterizes HOLZEN FLEISCH.

The diversity of the range, from Angus and fallow deer to veal, lamb and woolly pork, reflects the dedication and care with which HOLZEN FLEISCH approaches every step of meat production. Their commitment to sustainable and natural meat production is at the heart of everything they do. With attention to detail and the necessary know-how, the raw material is refined into top quality.

For HOLZEN FLEISCH, it is not just a philosophy, but a matter of course that an animal that is not treated properly cannot provide good meat. Respect for animals, especially farm animals, is therefore a top priority. This is reflected in the consistent demand for species-appropriate enclosures, plenty of exercise and natural habitats in which the animals can live out their natural instincts.

Responsibility begins with the keeping of the animals on the exclusive production farms, where everything is done to ensure that the animals feel comfortable. Starting with high-quality, natural feed through to sufficient time for natural growth.

This husbandry and care in animal husbandry is seamlessly reflected in further processing, resulting in consistent and guaranteed quality. The high demand in top Swiss gastronomy is not only a confirmation, but also a recognition of their philosophy and working methods.

Holzen Fleisch GmbH

Holzen Fleisch GmbH

6373 Ennetbürgen

+41 41 620 83 36 https://holzenfleisch.ch