Sustainable recirculation farming in the Uri Alps

Gotthard Zander not only produces fish, but also lives a sustainable philosophy. Here, rearing, slaughtering and processing are combined in one place, which not only guarantees absolute freshness and traceability, but also drastically reduces the ecological footprint by minimizing transport routes.

Gotthard's pikeperch farming benefits from pure spring water from the Uri Alps, which is used in a closed recirculation system. This innovative method makes breeding extremely resource-efficient. The fish remains completely unaffected by environmental pollution such as heavy metals, microplastics or medicines. This not only guarantees the purity of the product, but also underlines Gotthard Zander's commitment to environmental protection and sustainable aquaculture.

The decision to combine rearing, slaughtering and processing at the same location not only contributes to higher product quality, but also demonstrates the company's efforts to minimize its environmental impact.

Gotthard Zander

Gotthard Zander

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