In the rhythm of nature

The Meierskählen goat farm has been dedicated exclusively to goat farming since 1990. The family business, run by Toni Odermatt, 3rd generation cheesemaker and goat farmer, has turned its steep land at the foot of the Stanserhorn into a home for a diverse herd of goats.

The dedication to goat farming is reflected in the holistic processing of everything from milk to meat and fur - the Geissäheimet Meierskählen uses all of the goats' resources in a sustainable way. The steep land offers ideal conditions for farming goats, which can live out their species-specific behavior on the pastures with forest edges and hedges. The best grasses and herbs are available to the animals here, which not only has a positive effect on their health, but also on the quality of the products.

The steep Bergheimetli is farmed by Toni Odermatt with the help of these animals, whereby the work rhythm is dictated by the goats and Mother Nature. From the daily work with the animals to the farm production, the close connection to nature and the goats is reflected in every move.

Slow Food Switzerland has awarded the Geissäheimet the "Premio" for their work and achievements.

Geissäheimet Meierskählen

Geissäheimet Meierskählen

Meierskählen 1
6370 Stans

+41 41 610 11 09