Bread for the future.

Fredy's has been our reliable source for first-class baked goods since opening in 2011. They proudly make their bread products from carefully selected ingredients that embody Swiss tradition and quality.

The basis for Fredy's grain-healthy baked goods is 100% Swiss flour, Appenzell mountain butter, Swiss free-range eggs and Swiss Alpine salt. These high-quality, local ingredients form the heart of their products, which not only taste delicious, but also meet our standards for nature conservation and health.

Since December 2019, they have only used grain from pesticide-free cultivation and processing. This decision underlines their passion for the highest standards and their efforts to protect the environment.

Even the beech wood used for the wood-fired oven is sourced locally, further emphasizing their commitment to the community and the environment. At Fredy's, a love of craftsmanship is at the heart of everything they do, and this love ensures a particularly aromatic taste experience.

Fredy’s AG

Fredy’s AG

Neuenhoferstrasse 113
5400 Baden

+41 56 200 29 00