Dany Swiss Chocolatier - where passion and chocolate become one.

We are proud to introduce Dany Swiss Chocolatier as our partner for the production of our in-house chocolate. Dany is a true master of his craft and places the utmost importance on fairness and quality, from the cultivation of the cocoa beans to the finished bar.

His commitment to fair production is evident in every step of the process, from the careful selection of cocoa beans to the artisanal processing. At Dany Swiss Chocolatier, quality always comes first, and you can taste it in every delicious bite of our chocolate.

Dany also offers chocolate courses at Honegg, where he shares his passion for chocolate with our guests. In these courses, participants not only learn interesting facts about the history and production of chocolate, but also immerse themselves in the fascinating world of chocolate flavors. The aim is to indulge our guests' palates with a variety of flavors and to take them into a world of chocolate that is far removed from conventional sweets.

Dany Swiss Chocolatier

Dany Swiss Chocolatier

Dätwylerstrasse 4
6460 Altdorf

+41 78 905 85 54https://www.danyswisschocolatier.ch