Grain from Unterwalden.

CHORNWALD represents the brand of the Obwalden and Nidwalden Farming Association and focuses on the production of high-quality products made from 100% grain from this region. The CHORNWALD brand is the result of the merger of two innovative brands, namely "Tschifeler Mehl" and "Mähligs us Nidwalden".

Made from pure local grain, each product is grown without the use of synthetic chemical pesticides. This sustainable and environmentally conscious approach not only reflects CHORNWALD's commitment to quality, but also its respect for nature and the region from which the high-quality raw materials originate.

With CHORNWALD, we are relying on a partner that not only supplies top-quality gastronomic products, but also embodies values such as sustainability and regionality.



Ackerbau Verein Ob- und Nidwalden
Simon Odermatt
6053 Alpnachstad

+41 78 861 09 23